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The Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Memory foam, also known as viscoelasticity foam mattresses are very popular nowadays and most of them owned mattress very satisfied with their purchase. The main selling feature and main features of the mattress is that it contours the shape of your body for optimal comfort.

A foam mattress memory base is made up of a foam layer, a base layer and then covered in some sort of cloth. However, most manufacturers today do not limit themselves to this basic design and they try to add more layers as needed for the mattress can perform how they want it. However, do not think that just because there are many layers, you will automatically receive a premium product. There are many factors that come into play to determine the overall quality of the mattress and customer satisfaction.


Because of its ability to contour to the shape of your body, it can reduce pressure points and you can have a more comfortable sleep.
It's also good for people who are experiencing any kind of pain while sleeping.
motion is minimized.
Very durable and will last a long time with proper care.
You can sleep quietly like foam produced no noise, unless your platform or platform bed is the cause.
Available in stores and online is not a problem.


Innerspring mattresses are generally more expensive.
Tend to become very hot when you sleep.
You can not use the mattress immediately after you buy because it takes time to fully expand and most of the time, has turned off the exhaust, so you need to let it air out to remove odors or reduce it to an acceptable level.
exhaust out to be very popular and this may hinder your ability to sleep well for the first couple of weeks.

Memory Foam Mattress Best

These are mattresses that we recommend for everyday use. The thick foam layer can give you the comfort and support needed. The specifications and prices mentioned are for the queen-size model. This is the best thing when it comes to overall quality and provide comfort and support. You can look at the mattress is "superior" when it comes to performance, but they are only slightly more expensive than mid-range mattress.

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Loom and Leaf
2 "4lb plant-based memory foam cooled (complex)
2.5 "Memory Foam plant based 5lb
2 "transfer pad loft,
5.5 "high-density foam
Rating: 5/5

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel
3" 4lb Gel-Infused Memory Foam, 
2" 5lb Memory Foam 
8" High Density Foam 
Rating: 4.8/5

Leesa Mattress
2" Cooling Avena Foam,
2" Memory Foam 
6" High Density Foam 
Rating: 4.7/5

Loom and Leaf Mattress

Loom and leaves, or simply L & L, is a mattress that we really love. It is a fairly new mattress but it was establishing itself as one of the best high-end foam mattresses and most affordable of. It is a mattress made by such people behind luxury mattresses Saatva and this means you can expect a high quality mattress that will allow you to sleep comfortably at night.

Mattresses are made in the USA with premium materials. This mattress was compared with the Tempur Cloud Luxe Breeze but at a fraction of the cost. L & L mattresses price $ 999, while Cloud Luxe is about $ 3,699, this is the queen size mattress.

Comfort Layer: 2 "4lb plant-based memory foam cooled (complex), 2.5" plant-based 5lb Memory Foam
Layer Support: 2 "transfer pad loft, 5.5" high-density foam
Selvage: quilted organic cotton
Hardness: Mitigating the company or companies
Thickness: 12 "
Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King
Warranty: 15 years
Product page: Official Website

Mattresses are constructed of high-grade materials. Foam layer 2 "complex 4lb memory is placed upside down, because they force a cooling gel health standards on the plane. This is to ensure that the temperature of the mattress has been prescribed while you sleep. The "high-density memory foam 2.5 5lb class helps in providing both comfort and support. 2 "transfer pad loft and 5.5" high-density foam, which form the basis of the mattress and it provides ample support. Mattresses are covered with an organic cotton duvet. Read full review

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The ultimate dream 13 "Gel Memory Foam Mattress from Dreamfoam mattress bed is one of our most recommended because it is a quality mattress and highly affordable, it is comparable to the" top brand " as Tempur-Pedic. It is also a memory foam mattress in the best seller on Amazon. Dreamfoam bed is a brand providing excellent customer service.

They sold exclusively on Amazon and factory direct prices allow consumers to buy their mattresses, so no unnecessary costs to bear. Their foam CertiPUR-US certified.

Comfort Layer: 3 "TV 4lb Gel-Memory Foam, 2" Memory Foam 5lb
Support Layer: 8 "High Density Foam
Selvage: Luxurious Knit Cover
Hardness: Soft - Company Medium
Thickness: 13 "
Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King
Warranty: 10 years
Product page: Click here

As you can see from the details above, Ultimate Dreams 13 "Gel mattresses simple 3-layer design with a plush knitted cover. The top layer has 3 inches of memory foam infused gel 4lb and supported by 2 inch standard 5lb viscoelasticity foam. the base is made up of 8-inch high-density foam. This is a balanced design gives you comfort and proper support. Read full review

Leesa Mattress

Leesa is a mattress directly to consumers shop founded around 2014 and, like the others, they can provide a quality mattress with consumer-friendly prices. They only had a mattress, the mattress Leesa. It uses a unique type of foam called Avena saliva and so far, a lot of people are very happy with this mattress. It is done in the US and it has a 10 year warranty.

Comfort Layer: 2 "cooling Avena Foam, 2" Memory Foam
Support Layer: 6 "High Density Foam
Selvage: Poly Blend four striped cover
Hardness: Medium Company - Firm
Thickness: 10 "
Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King
Warranty: 10 years
Product page: Click here
The Leesa mattresses have a unique design where the top layer of 2 "foam Avena complicated cooling. Avena saliva is comparable to latex, but it is bouncier. With its sophisticated design, it also acts as a layer of air flow to cool the mattress when you sleep. It also has a foam layer 2 "memory and density of the memory foam is about 3 lbs. The layers of the mattress support is 6 inches of high density foam and it has a poly blend fabric cover. Read full review

Best Mid-Range Memory Foam Mattresses

Not everyone can afford or are willing to spend big money for a high end / luxury mattress and easy to understand. If your budget is limited, but you need a mattress that is perfect for everyday use, a mattress that is at the mid-range when it comes to pricing could be the best option. Mid-range mattresses, those that we recommend, is perfect for use every night. They are also less expensive than high-end mattress but no bugs, they are all quality mattresses and they can provide consistent comfort and support, as long as you choose one that is right for you.

They cost less due to many factors, such as thin-layer foam, simple design, the fabric used for the cover and a few more. There is no compromise on quality, support and durability of the mattress. Here are our recommendations.

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Brentwood Home 13 "Gel HD

3.5 "Memory Foam, Gel-TV
2 "Airflow Layer, 7.5" base Therapy
Rating: 4.6/5

ExceptionalSheets Gel Memory Foam

3"lb Gel Memory Foam 
7″ High Density Support Foam
Rating: 4.6/5

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Suretemp 

2.5" 3lb Suretemp Memory Foam 
9.5" Premium Support Foam 
Rating 4.4/5

Lucid Triple Layer Gel Memory Foam
3″ 4lb Gel Memory Foam 
1″ Bamboo charcoal memory foam support, 
8″ High Density Foam 
Rating 4.3/5

Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze 

3″ Gel Memory Foam 
2 x 2″ Convoluted Airflow Foam, 
5″ High Density Support Base
Rating 4.3/5

Brentwood Home 13″  Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Mattress

The Brentwood 13 "Gel Memory Foam Mattress HD TV is the most affordable of all the foam of our proposal. It is CertiPUR-US certification lets you know that you will get a mattress has adopted regulations and safe for you. Mattresses are made in America and has 25 years warranty.

Comfort Layer: 3.5 "Memory Foam Gel-TV
Layer Support: 2 "Airflow Layer, 7.5" base Therapy
Upholstery: natural bamboo fiber All zipper cover
Hardness: The company has
Thickness: 13 "
Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Olympic Queen, Queen Short, Split Queen, King, divided King, Cal-King, Cal-King Split
Warranty: 25 years
Product page: Click here

Thickness 13 "consists of 3 layers. The base is 7.5 inches of high-density foam therapy. There is a 2-inch layer of air on it to improve air conditioning. The first is the 3.5 inch of gel infused memory foam. The mattress with a cover ships zipper removable and washable are made from natural bamboo fiber. We also like that it comes in several sizes. This is a mattress that offers value value for your money.

Exceptional Sheets 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Sheets Exceptional 10 "Gel mattresses are distributed by Eluxury Supply, a company veteran American owned and operated. Mattresses are made in the USA and foam is CertiPUR-US use certified, so you can be sure that this is a high quality mattress. the company provides 10 years warranty this mattress. It comes packaged in a box for shipping easier and lower cost.

Comfort Layer: 3 "3lb Gel Memory Foam
Layer Support: 7 "high-density Foam Support
Selvage: Zipper cover Poly Blend
Hardness: Medium Company - Firm
Thickness: 10 "
Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King
Warranty: 10 years
Product page: Click here

The construction of this mattress is very simple, it has two layers and it is covered by a variety of blended fabrics. Comfort class is a 3 "open 3lb gel memory foam and this helps keep it cool while you sleep. As you know, memory foam is known to get hot when you sleep. The mobile design open action associated with cooling gel particles help reduce this problem. The support layer is a 7 "high density foam standards, and this will support you very well. Mattresses are firm medium - scale sustainable toned.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Suretemp Mattress

Sleep Innovations 12 "memory foam Suretemp Shiloh is one of the most popular mattress on Amazon with more than 3,000 customer reviews. Its popularity is that it is so simple and practical that it does what it is supposed to do, which is to provide comfort and proper support. their Foam is made in America. Although advertised as a soft - medium firm mattress, many buyers say that it really is a firm mattress sure, and we can agree with them because comfort layers thick 2.5 inches.

Comfort Layer: 2.5 "Memory Foam Suretemp 3lb
Support Layer: 9.5 "Premium support Foam
Upholstery: Luxurious cotton blend cover many
Hardness: Medium Company - Firm
Thickness: 12 "
Size available: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King
Warranty: 20 years
Product page: Click here

One of the reasons why the mattresses suretemp Shiloh low price is because it only uses 2.5 inches of memory foam mattresses and much is made of high-density foam support. The memory foam Suretemp be done with an open mobile technology and this prevents the mattress from getting too hot. Since the class is only 2.5 inch comfortable, firm mattress leaning towards tightening in size.

LUCID 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Triple-Layer

The Lucid 12 "Triple layer Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a mattress designed specifically to keep cool while you sleep so as not to cause discomfort to the sleeper. The Lucid brand is one of the more popular mattress brands Amazon simply because their products offer great value. 12 "mattress is considered a medium firm mattress so if you like your mattress should be soft but not too sure, this is a good choice.

Comfort Layer: 3 "4lb Gel Memory Foam
Support Layer: 1 "support bamboo charcoal memory foam, 8" High Density Foam
Selvage: Tencel lyocell blend cover
Hardness: The company has
Thickness: 12 "
Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, Cal-King
Warranty: 25 years
Product page: Click here

The construction of the mattress is directed to adjust the temperature. It has a ventilation 3 "4lb foam gel with a mobile design and this opening allows the mattress to stay cool while you sleep. Add 1" Bamboo charcoal memory foam is used as support with 8 "density high foam. It has a 25 year warranty.

Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze 12″ Gel Memory Foam

Mattress dynasties 12 "Cool Breeze is a padding between the mattress that we can recommend. The foam used in mattresses CertiPUR-US is certified, meaning it has adopted regulations and standards strict quality. It is an average company - companies mattress so if you like your mattress company side, this is a very good choice. Korean brand mattress is a very good price odd lots of quality mattresses.

Comfort Layer: 3 "Gel Memory Foam
Layer Support: 2 x 2 "complex Airflow Foam 5" high-density Base Support
Upholstery: white Zipper with brown suede cover
Hardness: Medium Company - Firm
Thickness: 12 "
Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Queen RV, King, Split King, Short RV King, Cal-King, Cal-King Split
Warranty: 30 years
Product page: Click here

Mattress dynasties 12 "Cool Breeze is designed to have good air flow due to air bubbles complicated 2 layers. The support is a high density 5" poly foam and comfort layer is 3 inch memory foam gel. If you are looking for a specific type of size mattress, you may want to look into this mattress because it has a lot size as size and size distribution RV. Note: the mattress is giving away two free gel pillow when you order this mattress.

Best Budget Memory Foam Mattresses

Expensive memory foam, at least compared with innersprings and air mattresses. However, that does not mean that if you are on a very tight budget, you can not enjoy the benefits of it. Here are some mattresses that our budget proposal. They are best used for the living room or if you need a temporary mattress. Also, these are ideal for children as they are smaller and lighter.

Just because the mattress is considered the budget, it does not mean that they are vastly inferior. Several factors affect the price are the thickness of the foam layer, the type of memory foam is used, the number of layers, the fabrics used in the cover and some other features.

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Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams 

3″ Energex Gel Foam 
6.25″ Convoluted Poly Foam 
Rating 4.1/5

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea 

3″ 3lb Memory Foam infused with Green Tea extract 
2″ Comfort Foam, 3.5″ Convoluted Airflow Foam, 
3.5″ Convoluted High Density Support Foam 
Rating 4.2/5

Signature Sleep Memoir

4″ 4lb Memory Foam 
8″ High Density Foam 
Rating 4.1/5

Dreamfoam Bedding Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress

Dreamfoam bed is one of the favorite brands of our mattresses because they constantly offer quality mattresses at different prices. For people on a budget, Arctic Cooling Gel Dreams mattress is very good buy. This is technically not a memory foam mattress because they use a special foam instead of a foam or gel-TV standards, the details below. Mattresses are made in the USA, the foam is CertiPUR-US certification and it has a 10 year warranty.

Comfort Layer 3 "Energex Gel Foam
Support Layer: 6:25 "complex Poly Foam
Upholstery: soft foam layer
Hardness: Soft - Medium
Thickness: 10 "
Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Queen Short, King, Cal-King
Warranty: 10 years
Product page: Click here

Arctic Dreams foam mattresses use a specialty called "Energex" gel foam. It's like memory foam but it is bouncier. With a standard memory foam, once you are in an area of ​​the mattress for a long time and you get up, it takes a while for the foam to return to its original shape. With Energex, profit foam to its original state faster, so it eliminates the feeling of being "stuck". Along with Energex foam mattress has a "high-density foam complex as its base and on top of 0.25" 6.25 patch for the total thickness of 10 inches.

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

Zinus known for good quality, home furnishings and their budgets Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress can be considered one of the best when it comes to mattresses that are perfect for those on a budget. The foam they use come from China, but if you have problems with foreign manufactured products, do not fret as all that they used foam is CertiPUR-US certified. A CertiPUR-US certification means durable foam, it performs as intended and it does not contain any materials / chemicals that can harm you.

They also have an 8-inch and 10-inch variations so if you think 12 inches is too thick, you can get thinner models. Learn more about the thickness of the mattress here.

Comfort Layer 3 "3lb Memory Foam infused with green tea extract
Layer Support: 2 "Comfort Foam, 3.5" and 3.5 Foam Airflow complex "high-density complex Foam Support
Upholstery: Jacquard Knitting Cover
Hardness: Medium Company - Firm
Thickness: 12 "
Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King
Warranty: 10 years
Product page: Click here

The Green Tea Memory Foam Zinus 12 inches thick and 4-layer design it. Part of the mattress support has two 3.5 "high-density foam complex standards. Directly on a foam layer 2 support" additional comfort as well as support additional comfort. The main features of this mattress is "memory foam layer 3 is transmitted with green tea. Green tea extract is a natural antioxidant and it can maintain the freshness of the mattress in a long time. Mattresses is an average company - company.

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